Of The Sword

A daily sword-based, micro-fiction anthology that will run in September 2023. The episodes each feature a different, unique sword and the story surrounding it.

Of The Sword Cast & Crew

Executive Producers: Tal Minear & Ezra J. Wayne
Sound Designers: Ezra J. Wayne, Tal Minear, & Brad Colbroock
Featuring Music By: Flouw, Jay Varton, Johannes Bornlof, Francis Wells, & Loyalty Freak Music
Showrunner & Graphic Designer: Tal Minear
Featuring the Writing Of
Ezra J. Wayne (he/him)
Ella Watts (she/her)
Lucy Winter (she/her)
Hannah Wright (she/her)
Jude August (they/them)
David Hanna (he/him)
Eddie Feeley (he/him)
Nathan Comstock (he/they)
Robin Howell (they/them)
Lorina Lim (they/she)
Hannah Schooner (she/they)
Rowan Jack Moses (he/they)
Sophia Chang (she/her)
Matt Boothman (he/him)
Claudia Elvidge (she/her)
Anna Stein (she/him)
Alyssa Gaiser (she/her)
Andrew Siañez-De La O (he/they)
Virginia Spotts (she/they)
D.J. Sylvis (they/them)
Tal Minear (they/them)

Featuring the Voices Of
Meredith Nudo
Tal Minear
Kale Brown
Brad Colbroock
Ezra J. Wayne
David Hanna
Zane Schacht
Robin Howell
Lorina Lim
Jupiter Aispuro
Jef Leeson
Marcus Rothenberg
Ashley Bell
Virginia Spotts
Andrew Siañez-De La O
Caroline Mincks

Of The Sword Press Kit

Tagline: A daily sword-based, micro-fiction anthology featuring different unique swords and their stories.Of The Sword features 21 stories written for the show and 9 stories from other productions.First Episode aired on: 9/1/2023
Last Episode aired on: 9/30/2023
All cast and crew info can be found here.Of The Sword was nominated for Best Comedy/Adventure Podcast and Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Podcast at the 2024 LA Webfest!Of The Sword is a fully volunteer project. Artists have given their time & skills to the production for free, and we thank them! All revenue from ads on Of The Sword is donated to The National Center for Transgender Equality. As of December 2023, we have donated $75.

Of The Sword Episodes

Sound and Fury
Here for Me
All in the Family
The Deep Unknown
Sword for Sale
Holding out for a Hero
The Great Wizard Kazamir, and the Young Gilly
Night Terrors
Bone Sword
Driving the Point Home
The Sword of Dead Things
Salomé Redux
Water’s Touch
For Your Future
Vertical Carriage